Abbott brings latest breakthrough innovations to strengthen Vietnam’s healthcare

In 2020, Abbott, the inventor of the world’s first HIV test, has partnered up with Vietnam’s Ministry of Health to train healthcare professionals and technicians at various laboratories nationwide on viral load DBS testing guideline for patients carrying HIV virus.
abbott brings latest breakthrough innovations to strengthen vietnams healthcare
In the past quarter-century, Abbott has been making significant contributions to Vietnamese healthcare

The DBS test, fully known as the dried blood spot test, uses a few blood drops dried on a filter paper before being shipped to a laboratory for analysis. The process does not require refrigeration, thus, helping address the access to HIV patient treatment monitoring, testing, and also the newly-expanded HCV testing in remote areas, especially in this difficult period of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic which restricts travels and transportation.

The training has been under way, following the Ministry of Health’s (MoH) national guidelines issued in 2019 on using DBS tests in monitoring treatment of patients carrying HIV/AIDS, part of the country’s healthcare that has made significant achievements. Vietnam now stands among the world’s Top 4 countries, along with the UK, Germany, and Switzerland for having the best treatment for HIV/AIDS patients, as per the MoH’s assessment published in November.

While the DBS test has eased the access to HIV viral load testing for Vietnamese people in remote areas, Abbott’s High-Sensitivity Troponin-I Test, often referred to as Hs Troponin-I test, is designed to serve a larger community. Troponin is a protein found specifically in heart muscle cells and a high level of the macronutrient, detected from the test, provides better predictive information for determining a person’s chances of developing future heart disease when added to the current standard of care.

Besides, Abbott’s Hs Troponin-I test offers gender-specific cut-offs, allowing physicians to more accurately diagnose myocardial infarction (commonly known as heart attacks) in women. A study published in the British Medical Journal found Abbott’s test uncovered twice as many heart attacks in women than standard troponin tests. It is exceptionally critical to help doctors have early diagnosis of a heart attack then act quickly in critical moments. In Vietnam, one out of four deaths is caused by heart attacks each year.

Given its significance and efficiency, Abbott’s Hs Troponin-I test is the very first and only one, which has been approved by the MoH to aid cardiac risk stratification. Therefore, the test now not only serves the patients facing heart disease risks but also is dedicated to everyone to better manage their health.

In order to advance heart and cardiovascular disease treatments, Abbott also brings minimally invasive mitral valve repair device MitraClip, a transcatheter-based device, to Vietnam to help people with common heart valve disorders. Doctors perform MitraClip procedure by guiding a thin tube through the patient’s vein to the mitral valve and help it close more completely without open-heart surgery. Thus, the patient can return to regular life faster. Abbott has received the 2020 Prix Galien USA Award for Best Medical Technology for its MitraClip System. The award recognises excellence in scientific innovation that improves the state of humankind.

Throughout 25 years of expansion in Vietnam, Abbott has achieved sustained and stable business growth, developed strong local talent, and offered significant opportunities. Headquartered in the US city of Chicago, the company has continuously brought to Vietnam breakthrough innovation in nutrition and medicines, apart from diagnostics and cardiovascular care.

Latest innovation

This month, Abbott has officially introduced the newly enhanced Glucerna in Vietnam. The product, available in both powder and liquid, balanced in nutrition, uniquely enhanced with nutrient myo-inositol, is designed specifically to help people with diabetes improve insulin sensitivity improve glucose control and heart health within four weeks of daily use.

Glucerna joins several premium innovation nutritional solutions Abbott has brought into Vietnam to support every stage of life that ranges from Similac Eye-Q Plus with HMO to PediaSure to Ensure Gold.

While Similac HMO empowers baby future by nurturing stronger immunity and brain development, PediaSure brings the opportunities for children to catch up with growth. At a further stage, Ensure Gold with HMB, a nutrient to helps adults prevent muscle loss to stay healthier and stronger.

Besides, Abbott has also introduced Surbex Natural Lingzhi, another science-based health supporting product available in capsules that boost immunity strength, enhance the liver function and overall body resistance.

Game-changing diagnostics tools

Nowadays, many hospital laboratories in Vietnam, especially those in public facilities, face various challenges such as small space and high testing demand at peak hours.

Abbott, being on the forefront of innovation for decades, has also brought to Vietnam Alinity, a family of systems that reinvents the way diagnostic labs work by simplifying diagnosis to improve speed, efficiency, and accuracy to ensure faster diagnosis and treatment are in place for patients. Alinity, derived from ALignment, INnovation, and UnITY, has been made available in 26 hospitals and blood banks including Medic, Cho Ray Hospital, Tu Du Hospital, Hung Vuong Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City Medical University Hospital, Danang General Hospital, DIAG, Hanoi Medical University Hospital, and the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion.

abbott brings latest breakthrough innovations to strengthen vietnams healthcare
Abbott’s Alinity m system

Besides, Abbott has introduced Alinity m, its latest new-generation platform, fully integrated and automated molecular diagnostics analyser that uses innovative technology to deliver greater flexibility and efficiency. The platform is now available in hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country, such as Military Hospital 108, Medic, Medlatec, Bach Mai Hospital, as well as Ho Chi Minh City’s Cho Ray Hospital.

Marking its 25th year in Vietnam this year, Abbott has demonstrated its strong long-term commitment. The company and its foundation, the Abbott Fund, have provided over VND250 billion ($10.87 million) in grants and product donations to help Vietnamese people build better lives and stronger communities, including the Red-Cross Partnered programme to support healthcare professionals in frontline hospitals.

By Tamas Nguyen

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