Amazon announced to strengthen collaboration with iDEA

Amazon today announced to strengthen collaboration with Vietnam E-commerce and Digital Economy Agency (iDEA) under the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and launched the “Win Global with Local Product in New Trade Era” campaign to help vietnamese sellers transform online.

The two parties will jointly support Vietnamese sellers with cross-border e-commerce workshops and training series, aiming to provide them with skills and knowledge to capture global opportunities of transforming online.

Simultaneously, Amazon Global Selling launched the ‘Win Global with Local Product in New Trade Era’ campaign to fortify Amazon Global Selling’s commitment and efforts in helping Vietnamese business export through cross-border e-commerce.

amazon announced to strengthen collaboration with vietnam e commerce and digital economy agency

The objective of both efforts is to jointly build a more vigorous environment for Vietnam sellers, and equip them with knowledge on how to sell globally, help them grasp the chance of global e-commerce development and expand their business internationally.

amazon announced to strengthen collaboration with vietnam e commerce and digital economy agency

The “Win Global with Local Product in New Trade Era” campaign will provide Vietnam entrepreneurs with broader training and education programs on cross-border e-commerce, covering topics about “how to sell on Amazon”, onboarding process, Fulfillment by Amazon, building brand on Amazon, among others.

amazon announced to strengthen collaboration with vietnam e commerce and digital economy agency
Gijae Seong, head of Amazon Global Selling in Vietnam

“Vietnam is one of the most dynamic emerging countries in the world and has shown its resilience in the time of COVID-19 pandemic. We hope to further contribute to the development of Vietnam cross-border e-commerce and motivate more businesses to go global. This year, Amazon has taken a proactive approach by expanding our cooperation with local organizations, especially IDEA – the agency that has years of experience in training Vietnamese SMEs, together pursuing the vision of transforming the future of Vietnam exports and enhancing the digital economy development,” said Gijae Seong, head of Amazon Global Selling in Vietnam.

Dedicated Vietnamese team and local support for Vietnamese sellers

Amazon Global Selling has dedicated Vietnamese team to support Vietnamese sellers, this includes both Hanoi and the Ho-Chi-Minh City teams. In the partnership framework with iDEA, Amazon Global Selling will launch a series of workshops and trainings to support and equip thousands of Vietnamese SMEs with essential knowledge of expanding businesses through Amazon online stores globally.

Starting from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city , each series consists of a large-scale ‘Selling-on-Amazon’ workshops, operation-level trainings, and optional advanced training on branding registration and brand building. The educational events will span the whole year of 2021 and are expected to cultivate cross-border e-commerce knowledge from fundamental to advanced.

Developing workshops and trainings in key cities and reaching sellers nationwide, Amazon and IDEA aims to unleash Vietnamese sellers’ potential to bring more “Made in Vietnam” products to global customers. Business who would like to join the series can find up-to-date information and register at

“Despite all the defining advantages of going global, many Vietnamese business have not made the leap overseas because they are still unfamiliar with the concept and procedures involved of exporting through cross-border e-commerce as well as lack of knowledge and skills to do so. However, we have seen rising efforts and eagerness among business owners to learn and adapt to the new normal, as the digital trade era is continuing to grow fast. We want to join hands with Amazon on the efforts and the ongoing initiatives to support them in awakening their potential, then capturing the opportunities of going global,” said Dang Hoang Hai, general director of iDEA.

amazon announced to strengthen collaboration with vietnam e commerce and digital economy agency

The long term plan to fulfill Vietnamese entrepreneurs’ potential to go global

Besides training activities and the expansion partnership with iDEA, Amazon continues to develop further initiatives to support sellers exporting via Amazon online stores. The Vietnamese Seller Central (the web interface where seller can manage their selling account and business on Amazon) helps deliver easier access and a better selling experience, which improves seller operational efficiency significantly.

Besides, the newly-onboard dedicated team in Hanoi is also siding with Amazon Global Selling Ho Chi Minh team in providing more education and guidance for sellers across broader regions of Vietnam.

These continuous efforts are a part of the ‘Win global with Local Product in New Trade Era’ campaign, and are providing a pathway to success for Vietnamese local business in in building a lgobal brand in the new trade era.

In 2021, Amazon Global Selling will focus on helping an more sellers kick-start their business on Amazon by collaborating with government agencies and creating opportunities for Vietnamese sellers in the age of digitised economies and bring more “Made-in-Vietnam” products to global customers through cross-border e-commerce.

By Hoang Phuong

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