AREVO Inc. from US plans to develop $135 million project in Danang

AREVO Inc. from the US, specialising in 3D printing technology, plans to develop a $135 million project in Danang Hi-tech Park.
arevo inc from us plans to develop 135 million project in danang
AREVO Inc. will deploy a 3D printing project in in Danang Hi-tech Park

The Danang Hi-tech Park and Industrial Zones Authority has introduced a land plot for AREVO Inc. to implement the project to manufacture 3D printers, design and manufacture of 3D-printed carbon fibre composite materials and 3D printing software.

This investment means to seize opportunities in the 3D printing industry. Vietnam is moving to build a bigger digital economy, driven in part by semiconductor manufacturing during the next five years and beyond.

Already, 3D printing, or additive manufacturing, has moved beyond the experimental stage, and is being used in a variety of applications where often the parts are complex to produce or require high levels of customisation.

DHL has investigated the future of 3D printing in an in-depth study that looks at the implications and uses of the technology across sectors and the supply chain.

The report – “3D Printing and the Future of Supply Chains” – concludes the technology will “undoubtedly be a game-changer in many industry segments” and will lead to improved product quality and, in some cases, completely new types of products. It highlights a number of use cases where 3D printing could have a disruptive effect and implications for the future of supply chains.

Companies could team up with logistics providers by offering 3D printing in areas such as “spare parts on demand”, which would enable them to save substantial amounts on storage; end-of-runway services, to enable fast production of parts that need to be put into operation in the shortest possible timeframe; or product postponement services to increase customisation options but at the same time reduce lead time to the customer.

By Hoang Anh

Nguồn: Vietnam Investment Review

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