Bayer launches innovative solution to control pests and protect farmers’ incomes

The Crop Science Division of Bayer Vietnam has launched Vayego 200SC, a new multi-faceted insecticide that works against caterpillars and addresses the diverse protectional needs of modern farmers. Vayego will help farmers in Vietnam protect their crops in a more efficient way and help them “capture grain from insects” and protect their incomes.
bayer launches innovative solution to control pests and protect farmers incomes
Bayer Vietnam introducing its new insecticide Vayego 200SC

Commenting on the launch of Vayego 200SC by Bayer Vietnam, Weraphon Charoenpanit, country commercial lead of the Crop Science Division, said: “As part of our commitment to delivering better agricultural solutions, Bayer is helping farmers to embrace technological advances for improved productivity, healthy harvests and increased livelihoods. Through the introduction of Vayego in the field of plant protection, Bayer Vietnam is helping farmers to improve production and contributing to the sustainable development of Vietnam’s agriculture to help realise our group vision of “Health for All, Hunger for None.”

Vayego is a liquid formula containing tetraniliprole, an active ingredient discovered and developed by Bayer. It offers excellent control of Lepidopteran species in different crops such as rice, vegetables, and plantation crops, with low risk to beneficial insects as it belongs to the GHS5 group.

bayer launches innovative solution to control pests and protect farmers incomes
Bayer Vietnam’s Vayego 200SC offers multi-faceted protection to modern farmers

In Vietnam, Vayego is registered as an innovative solution for controlling Leaffolder in rice, Fall Armyworm (FAW) in corn, and Plutella xylostella in cabbage, and will be registered for fruits and vegetables. As a product for many crops and pests, Vayego can contribute to societal benefits and can play an important role in sustainable pest management.

Nguyen Thi Phong Lan, head of the Plant Protection Department at the Cuu Long Delta Rice Research Institute, said: “Currently, the occurrence of rice, corn, and cabbage pests in Vietnam is relatively serious. There is an urgent need for new high-efficiency pesticides in the market. The new Vayego solution has shown very good results during preliminary tests in the Mekong Delta and other provinces. It is expected to become an important solution for the prevention and control of Lepidopteran species in the next few years, and it will provide strong support for ensuring the smooth progress of rice, plantation crops, and vegetable production, promoting green growth and control, and ecological construction.“

bayer launches innovative solution to control pests and protect farmers incomes
Vayego 200SC can keep away leaffolder from rice plants, a major disruptor for Vietnamese farmers

It is no doubt that farmers are facing a number of challenges including damaging pests like leaffolder in rice, FAW in corn, and Plutella xylostella in cabbage, causing variable or low yields. Increasing labour costs and limited access to technology and know-how are some of the other challenges facing farmers. Without adequate crop protection, farmers in Vietnam lose an average of 37 per cent of their yield to pests.

The new Vayego solution is highly effective against the most potent pests. It has long-lasting efficacy that can reduce the number of applications needed, saving labour costs, and increased convenience and safety for farmers. It is more than a new solution, Vayego can help reduce crop losses and help farmers improve their production and incomes.

As the world continues to contend with COVID-19, and outbreaks of pests in some parts, farmers are struggling to safeguard their crops. With the launch of Vayego in Vietnam, Bayer offers greater access to global innovative technologies to support high-quality sustainable development.

By Hoang Anh

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