BIDV launches new-generation SmartBanking with most comprehensive ecosystem

Amid ever-growing demands from consumers in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, BIDV – one of the four leading state commercial bank– has rolled out its new SmartBanking digital banking service to optimise user experience.

In the age of Industry 4.0, the popularity of smart devices has gradually instilled a new habit into users who are exhibiting a preference for products and services having quick and convenient features. This situation has entailed challenges requiring all fields and sectors to work out suitable development strategies in order to meet the increasingly strict requirements of customers in the new era. The local banking sector has embraced digital transformation at different levels to be able to avail itself of the multitude of technology benefits.

Leveraging the fresh launching of the new SmartBanking digital banking service on March 20 by merging its two current channels, namely Internet Banking (BIDV Online) and Mobile Banking (BIDV SmartBanking), BIDV has become the first and the only bank in Vietnam offering users integrated and seamless experience on diverse channels like web, mobile devices, smart watches (Apple Watch), or SmartKeyboard.

With SmartKeyboard, in addition to chatting with friends, relatives, or business partners on diverse platforms such as Zalo, Viber, Facebook Messenger, or iMessage, customers can simultaneously carry out banking transactions quickly and with ease, without needing to shift into other applications.

bidv launches new generation smartbanking with most comprehensive ecosystem
Users are eager to enjoy the enhanced experience on BIDV’s new-generation SmartBanking application

As BIDV’s new SmartBanking digital banking service is kitted out with the latest privacy features through state-of-the-art authentication methods like fingerprint or facial identification, customers like Tuan can set their mind at ease.

With the Cross Login function, when a customer attempts to log into the app on any device, a notification will be sent to the account holder’s mobile phone for verification. Banks are increasingly using compelling privacy solutions to ensure the security of their customers.

Piloting personalised user experience

To set itself apart as well as enhance user experience, BIDV has prioritised ‘personalisation’ upon user’s preference. Thus, background picture, avatar, and the order of functions can be customised based on users’ preferences, or the interface can also be customised based on real-time. BIDV is also breaking new ground through the application of AI in its digital products through using voice-based virtual assistant, making transactions, faster, more convenient, and trendy.

bidv launches new generation smartbanking with most comprehensive ecosystem
New SmartBanking service possesses eye-catching and user-friendly interface

Eminent functions

BIDV’s new SmartBanking service brings customers a multitude of benefits like opening new accounts right on the app (eKYC), withdrawing money with the use of QR codes, online card issuance, while also offering gifts and other benefits.

By piloting electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) to supersede the traditional processes, BIDV is making strides to offer customers fully complete digital banking services, helping them to open accounts online and make transactions anywhere and at any time without having to turn up physically at a bank branch.

Also, the new SmartBanking service can help mobile users to withdraw money without using a physical card, helping users to save time by completing a few simple steps. It can prove particularly useful if a user forgets their bankcards

On special or festive occasions, users will be delighted with the “Presenting gift” function on the new SmartBanking system. Instead of conventional cash transfer, users can convey lovely cards with nice images and their best wishes to their loved ones.

Inclusive ecosystem

The new SmartBanking brings customers the utmost comfort with a full suite of modern financial services, including 24/7 cash transfer, bill payment, payment of public administrative services, mobile phone top-up, ticket/hotel booking, and online procurement, among others.

bidv launches new generation smartbanking with most comprehensive ecosystem
It is easy to pay with VNPay-QR on the new-generation SmartBanking

Opportunity to win car

As a gift of appreciation for customers’ companionship and support, from March 20 to April 30, BIDV will waive all transaction fees on its new SmartBanking app and offers up to VND50,000 ($2.17) to new users. The bank also offers an absolute waiver on service maintenance fees for all customers during this period.

Especially, from March 20 to June 30, all customers will be entered into a lucky draw to win one Hyundai Accent car and many other attractive gifts after conducting financial transactions worth VND500,000 ($21.7) or more on the new SmartBanking app. BIDV’s efforts to improve services not only promote new payment methods but also stimulate Vietnam’s financial inclusion goals.

Customers may use SmartBanking on two channels:

*SmartBanking in app stores: the updated version of the Mobile Banking app on Appstore and Google Play Store (called BIDV Smart Banking)

*SmartBanking via web browser: In the “Online Banking” tab on BIDV’s website ( or direct link:

Details of the program at

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