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Nestlé Vietnam conferred Vietnam Environment Awards

Nestlé Vietnam was just lauded by the MoNRE for its excellent contributions to environmental protection in 2017-2019 at the Vietnam Environment Awards.

$87 million solar power plant inaugurated in Khanh Hoa

Privately-held KN Van Ninh Solar Power Investment and Development Co., Ltd. has just launched KN Van Ninh Solar Power Plant project in Khanh Hoa province in Vietnam’s southcentral coast.

GE Renewable Energy strengthens position in South Central Vietnam with another project

GE Renewable Energy has secured a 27.2MW contract to supply eight units of GE’s 3MW-137 wind turbines to support the construction of the Phuoc Minh Wind Farm.

Accelerating deployment of clean coal technologies

Amid rising coal-related environmental problems, clean coal technologies are the optimal solution to ensure growth and sustainable development.

2020 Best Energy Efficient Products officially kicked off

Spotting improvements in the energy market and enhancing the competitiveness of the sector, the MoIT organised the 2020 Best Energy Efficient Products ceremony.

Critical energy sector in region’s crosshairs

Energy is a key component in advancing the ASEAN Economic Community’s pursuit for an inclusive and dynamic regional economic integration towards 2025 and beyond. It has been a valuable input for a well-connected ASEAN which continuously drives a highly integrated, competitive, innovative, and global ASEAN.

Quality breeds aiding rural families

Frequently hit by natural disasters, many households in the northern province of Nam Dinh have been able to have better livelihoods thanks to rearing groupers – a type of fishery product with high economic effectiveness – and planting mangroves to protect locals from natural disasters.

Phu Tho struggling to come to grips with farm pollution

The long story of environmental pollution and lack of responsibility from large-scale livestock companies in Vietnam has yet to end, and now the issue is rearing its ugly head in the northern province of Phu Tho.

Experienced local contractor eyeing partnership with Japanese partners

Khang Duc an experienced EPC contractor, is looking to team up with investment funds, contractors, and design consultants from Japan.

Investing in resilience to erratic future

As the tides of catastrophe recede, leaving Central Vietnam and indeed the entire country turned on its head by a raging pandemic and natural disasters, the need to rebuild emerges stronger than ever. Dao Xuan Lai, assistant resident representative and team leader of Climate Change and Environment from the United Nations Development Programme in Vietnam, writes about what priority considerations Vietnam needs to take into account to build a better, more resilient, and more sustainable future for

Circular economy at the core of growth resurgence

By bringing enterprises on board to maximise the use of natural resources, the circular economy can play a crucial role in promoting comprehensive and sustainable growth in Vietnam in the next decade.

Unilever Vietnam pioneers in making sustainable development popular

Unilever Vietnam has been honoured at the Top 10 Sustainable Companies Vietnam Awards 2020, evaluated by the VBCSD based on the Corporate Sustainability Index.

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