Delivering a new level of healthcare experience with Zoop Care

As healthcare providers are seeking to improve the customer experience and satisfaction, digital technology provides a proven avenue to explore. In this context, the Zoop Care healthcare coordination platform with innovative solutions and user-driven approach is expected to elevate customer care in Vietnam into another level.

Over the past years, Vietnam’s healthcare industry has experienced substantial growth backed by its people’s growing concerns about the well-being of their respective family members, high urbanisation rate which leads to changing lifestyle and environmental factors, as well as rising household income. This robust growth is taking place quickly, contributing a surging demand for new and better care in Vietnam.

Specifically, Vietnam’s healthcare industry is increasingly consumer-driven by the customer’s perspective of the healthcare environment, and overall quality of care and experience. Digitally-empowered customers search online for the best healthcare options and compare reviews on various sites, choosing healthcare providers based on the vast amount of information available. These digital-first behaviours have resulted in an increasingly competitive marketplace, and a higher customer satisfaction is now as relevant in healthcare as it is in more traditional consumer-oriented industries.

Customer satisfaction level is defined as the extent to which customers are happy with their overall experience. The customer experience is now a core metric for healthcare providers. As customer-centred care gains traction, technology that improves patient experience is becoming an important part of healthcare providers’ strategic plans. And though customer satisfaction encompasses a customer’s quality of care, it also hinges on their expectations of service as well.

It is clear that the shift towards a more robust focus on customer satisfaction will also require a more strategic use of technology to improve the overall patient experience. Zoop Care is one of the most innovative platforms for healthcare providers to create the next level of customer experience in Vietnam. The platform is designed with many useful functions to address the concerns of customers.

In particular, the long wait time in a clinical practice, when combined with travel time and actual appointment time, can negatively impact the customer satisfaction level. Long wait times even affect confidence in the healthcare provider and a customer’s perceived quality of care. Thus, Zoop Care have provided solutions like automatic reminders, treatment reminders, and direct communication to reduce time waits at the checkups, thereby giving customers a more satisfying healthcare experience.

In addition, booking for a healthcare appointment with Zoop Care is as simple as calling a ride-hailing service. Customers no longer spend time on scheduling or rescheduling their appointments. They can quickly find specialists who can help them and immediately set up an appointment. Meanwhile, healthcare providers can reduce overlapping and increasing booking efficiency as Zoop Care helps them manage all appointments on the same platform.

To increase customer satisfaction, Zoop Care also provides automated satisfaction surveys to gain more customer’s insights in healthcare. As a result, healthcare providers can have an overview of their customers’ opinions, needs, and wants to deliver better care on their next visit.

Lucy Duong, COO of Zoop Care, said that through engaging with Vietnamese healthcare facilities, the company has learnt that many healthcare providers are investing their resources into enhancing the quality of their products and services. However, not all providers are equipped with the proper marketing and customer engagement systems and resources.

“We hope that with Zoop Care ecosystem, we can establish a strong relationship with healthcare providers such as hospitals and clinics (including dental, surgical, and beauty clinics); rehabilitation and acupuncture centres; and even spas. Our goal is to bring them closer to more Vietnamese people,” she said.

With Zoop Care, people now have access to more information, more options, and better healthcare experiences. With that, Zoop Care’s healthcare customers can enjoy happier and more active lives, spending more quality time with their loved ones. All of this will contribute to shaping a more sustainable community.

It is worth noting that customers’ benefits do not stop there. Besides the convenience, customers can get value from many offline and online events hosted by Zoop Care. The Care Day campaign, which has been launched on December 2, will help Zoop Care customers to address any health-related concerns as well as improve their overall health. If customers have any queries and concerns for the specialist, they can submit their comments on the website:

Furthermore, Zoop Care will organise a year-ending discussion to improve customer satisfaction in the dental industry. The webinar will be held in January 2021. Follow the link to register:

delivering a new level of healthcare experience with zoop care
Zoop Care is pushing the Vietnamese healthcare market towards a digital future

In the near future, Zoop Care platform will continue its efforts to be the bridge that unites every participant in the ecosystem. Supporting users and improving their experience will remain central to our mission. Hopefully, the platform will become a healthcare essential for every household.

By Thanh Van

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