Digital transformation to revolutionise healthcare: Understanding demand

Amid growing digital transformation in the medical industry, understanding the actual problem is a key factor to help businesses tap into the huge potential and accompany the government in the most effective manner.

Enterprises of digital transformation in healthcare do not simply run a general technology business but need to muster all their intelligence and dedication to find solutions to specific “pain points” of the medical industry in line with government policies. To this end, they need to understand the actual problem during digital transformation.

Recently, as part of Techfest Vietnam 2020, a seminar titled “Digital transformation solutions to revolutionize healthcare” hosted by VMED Group – the head of MedTech Village – highlighted this to the audience.

Besides, experts and policy-makers at the seminar discussed digital transformation trends in the world, especially the health sector in Vietnam, as well as urgent problems in digital transformation in the field, and proposed directions to exploit the great potential.

Huge opportunities for startups

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Doan Ngoc Hai, director of the Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health (Ministry of Health – MoH), said that digital transformation in healthcare is not a new issue. Nevertheless, opportunities for startups to enter this field remain open and have great potential. In particular, the year 2020 with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to pushing the need for technological development in the healthcare sector.

digital transformation to revolutionise healthcare understanding demand
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Doan Ngoc Hai, Director of the Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health under the MoH

He added that the thrust of technology is also a promising solution to ease the increasing pressure to increase the capacity to handle the human health problem from a series of environmental incidents such as water pollution on the Da River as well as the explosion of the Rang Dong thermos bulb factory.

Without a doubt, a major part of the solution is workforce capable of realising the solutions. Evidently, the country needs to actively influence and train human resources from a young age – who is sensitive in accessing and applying technology.

Echoing Hai’s views, Le Huy Hoa from the Department of Research and Development at the Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health highlighted some opportunities for startups who are keen on investing in this field. These include training, online testing, remote diagnosis and healthcare, especially personal health records based on a blockchain platform.

“Technology is simply the art of using tools. Tools here include all of what we have at hand such as Panorama, real-time technology, personal health records, collaboration, and others,” said Hoa.

He added that digital transformation was a process of converging all technological advances and promoting technological advancement, mainly digital technology, with the aim of growth acceleration and sustainably maintaining creativity in the organisation.

This is a challenge and also an opportunity for startups who dare to engage in this new field. To make this happen, it is certainly indispensable for companionship, support and facilitation from the government, the MoH, and stakeholders.

Policies to pave the way

According to Nguyen Truong Nam, Deputy Director of the Department of Information Technology at the MoH, health is one of the eight key sectors where the government prioritises digital transformation. “The MoH is planning to deploy ‘Three no’ hospitals – no queues, no paper records, and no cash”.

digital transformation to revolutionise healthcare understanding demand
Nguyen Truong Nam, Deputy Director of the Department of Information Technology at the Ministry of Health

To accelerate digital transformation in healthcare, the MoH has set a vision for digital transformation in the medical industry to 2030. This includes the application of digital technology in most activities and services in the health sector, forming smart healthcare, replacing paper medical records by electronic ones, and phasing out cash payments.

Specific targets have been built for 2025-2030, focusing on increasing people’s awareness, completing the legal framework, infrastructure development, development of digital data, digital platforms and services, ensuring information security, international cooperation, human resources training, digital government in healthcare, digital economy, digital medical society, and digital transformation in healthcare and hospitals themselves.

To this end, the MoH has established the Steering Committee on Digital Transformation in Healthcare with the minister as the head, Deputy Ministers as deputy heads, leaders of the ministry office, departments, inspectors, and leaders of health departments, central hospitals, and commissioners. Each unit has its own task to implement a comprehensive medical transformation on target and on time.

To make the journey successful, the MoH is seeking the involvement of businesses and startups to apply technology to improve the quality of medical examination and treatment in line with the set targets.

“This is an opportunity and the moment cannot be more suitable for businesses who dare to think and dare to do,” Nam noted.

The attention of the government, the companionship of the MoH, combined with the spirit of proactively understanding market needs, actively connecting and being ready to pioneer, will help medical technology businesses find solutions for actual issues. That is also a solid foundation for creating a complete digital healthcare ecosystem, bringing comprehensive changes to the healthcare system of the country.

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By Bich Thuy

Nguồn: Vietnam Investment Review

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