Geleximco-Kardia Blockchain Labs has just been formed

Aiming to accelerate the collaboration between Geleximco and KardiaChain signed in April 2020, the two sides have been gathering all of their resources to leverage Kardiachain as the main blockchain platform for companies across Southeast Asia.
geleximco kardia blockchain labs has just been formed
Geleximco and KardiaChain signed the strategic partnership that is the base of the new entity in April 2020

In November, KardiaChain and Geleximco fostered a comprehensive cooperation by jointly establishing the blockchain research centre Geleximco-Kardia Blockchain Labs. The centre will undertake the research and development (R&D) of the most preeminent technologies such as real estate and identity technology to gradually enable blockchain applications at Geleximco’s subsidiary companies and businesses in other markets.

In addition, Geleximco-Kardia Blockchain Labs will also be the research and testing unit for decentralised products and applications based on the KardiaChain blockchain platform.

geleximco kardia blockchain labs has just been formed

The key projects under development such as Real Estate Tokenisation (RET) and decentralised identifier (DID) technology are expected to mobilise capital in the sectors of real estate and technology. Along with developing economic sectors, Geleximco-Kardia Blockchain Lbas also features a team of Vietnamese blockchain engineers.

With this team and leading economic consultants from Geleximco and KardiaChain, the two sides believe this as an important part in the process of “blockchain nationalisation”. The mission of the blockchain research centre is to optimise the global infrastructure to address international problems more efficiently than existing systems in the current context.

By Van Anh

Nguồn: Vietnam Investment Review

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