iMotorbike makes fresh foray into Vietnam

Following its successful launch in the Indonesian market, Malaysia’s No.1 motorcycle e-commerce platform, iMotorbike, is now rolling into Vietnam, ready to support the country’s business, especially in this challenging time.
imotorbike makes fresh foray into vietnam
iMotorbike’s Vietnam country manager Van Huynh (middle) and other event sponsors

The iMotorbike platform serves motorcycle manufacturers, dealers, service providers, and also consumers by providing services such as market research, financing, and insurance.

Additionally, iMotorbike’s mission is to support the business of producers of parts and other related products such as lubricants and additives, among others.

The platform strives to offer customers the best experience through a complete and efficient online ecosystem for motorbike users, lovers, and professionals.

Founder and chief executive officer Gil Carmo said Vietnam was an obvious choice as the people are digital-savvy.

“The middle class is growing. As such, there is a bit of an issue with the expanding population in big cities, so riding the motorcycle to work is just much more efficient and Vietnam is probably the region’s third-largest motorcycle market, with between 50 million and 60 million registered bikes,” Gil Carmo stated.

The iMotorbike platform is established as a motorbike online classified-ads website providing a fast, secure, simple, and trouble-free online experience with a wide product range, setting itself apart from what exists in the market.

“We are very different from traditional e-commerce platforms that are already running in the market. What iMotorbike offers would be a tool for personal connection and interactions between the buyers, sellers, and brands. Under these tools, we can provide much better two-ways communication for the sellers and buyers, henceforth, able to minimise damages that we have commonly experienced,” Van Huynh, iMotorbike’ Vietnam country manager.

“All users can also buy and sell used motorcycle parts and accessories,” she added.

“We want to support regional players and mechanics in upgrading their businesses and we are currently working with more than 2,800 dealers,” said CEO and founder Gil Carmo.

imotorbike makes fresh foray into vietnam
iMotorbike at the reality show “Vietnam Why Not?”

In addition, as an e-commerce platform, iMotorbike has also accompanied as the sponsor of many popular creative events such as “Information Technology Business Association and Human Intelligence festival” or Creative Youth Festival Ho Chi Minh City 2020 organised by the Communist Youth Union. Moreover, it was the corporate sponsor for the reality show “Vietnam Why Not?” to stimulate tourism demand in Vietnam after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although 2020 is not a bright year to the world, iMotorbike has made steady steps thanks to the reliable investment of large foreign investment funds.

Along with this, Alto-Partners and 500 Startups are venture capital funds supporting famous startups around the world, and have been with iMotorbike since the early days.

Through investing in more than 2,300 companies via its five global funds and 15 thematic funds dedicated to either specific geographic markets or verticals, 500 Startups now has 100+ team members located in 20 countries around the world in order to support the global portfolio of investments.

iMotorbike aims to support the ever-burgeoning demands for motorcycles as a mean of transportation in Vietnam. The platform strives to offer customers the best experience through a complete and efficient online ecosystem for motorbike users, lovers, and professionals.

By Dinh Thuy

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