Innovation driven by the breakthrough of businesses

By utilising their own advantages and products, each business can contribute to the development of the economy and the innovation ecosystem.
innovation driven by the breakthrough of businesses
Discussion on the role of innovation at leading companies to develop a digital economy at VIIE 2021

At the Vietnam International Innovation Expo (VIIE 2021) taking place in the past two days (January 9-10, 2021), property developer giant Sunshine Group showcased two new technologies: Sliving IoT platform and a digital transaction platform for banks.

“The technologies and products of Sunshine Group can not only be used at our own real estate projects to bring high-quality living for residents, they can also be used by businesses, companies, local, and foreign partners. This will promote the development of the community and the country, as well as contribute to Vietnam’s prosperity,” said Nguyen Van Minh, deputy general director of Sunshine told VIR at the sidelines of the VIIE.

Minh said that Sunshine Group always considers technology as its first priority for development and achieving sustainability. Thanks to proper investment into technology and innovation, Sunshine Group applies smart technologies to key areas as the foundation to achieve breakthroughs and improve its competitiveness, contributing to socioeconomic development.

Sunshine Group’s representative stated that Industry 4.0 also creates new economic models, based on science and technology and innovation. This is a new playground for businesses to achieve breakthroughs and recognition.

According to Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Tran Duy Dong, “Innovation requires constant efforts. It needs to be practised every day in both the simplest and most complicated activities of all individuals, organisations, and companies,” said Dong.

Big ones leading digital transformation

In the view of the leading company in telecommunications, Le Dang Dung, acting chairman and general director of Viettel Group said that the National Innovation Centre (NIC) should select the sectors that can contribute the most to the country’s development, and connect to other companies and partners, forming a national innovation network.

“Innovative companies need to be supported in all aspects, like administrative procedures, training, human resources, approaching markets, and accessing capital. This is especially true for policies related to tax, fees, and the licensing of new products and services,” said Dung.

He also proposed encouraging big companies and corporations to join this network. Particularly, Viettel develops not only telecommunication services but also an ecosystem of technology and telecommunications, in addition to the strength of finance and human resources. “Viettel would like to cooperate with others to develop the innovation network. We are ready to lead the digital transformation and build a digital society for Vietnam,” confirmed Viettel.

In the opinion of Sunshine Group’s representative, companies can ride the waves of Industry 4.0 on their own strength and products, developing the local innovation ecosystem. This will help businesses will proactively connect and cooperate, carry out technology transfer, and support startups.

By Nguyen Huong

Nguồn: Vietnam Investment Review

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