New general director takes the lead of Shinhan Finance

South Korean-backed Shinhan Finance has recently announced the appointment of Oh Taejoon as its general director, effective from April 6, 2021 and is subject to the approval of the State Bank of Vietnam No. 2118/NHNN-TTGSNH, issued on March 31, 2021 and its mother company Shinhan Card.

Having been working for Shinhan Card (Korea), the parent company of Shinhan Vietnam Finance Company (Shinhan Finance), for more than 26 years, Oh Taejoon has a wealth of experience in risk management, business operation management, and financial product development.

Prior to his appointment as general director of Shinhan Finance, he was the deputy CEO of the company from February 2020, along with the role as member of the Member Council from November 2020.

Oh Taejoon has made great contributions to Shinhan Finance’s notable achievements in the financial sector with constantly improving business results. He is personally participating in the company’s entire transformation journey, helping promote digitalisation across the board, from customer service to office and human resources management, to improve operational efficiency.

new general director takes the lead of shinhan finance
Oh Taejoon, new general director of Shinhan Finance

“I am honoured to take on the responsibility of leading Shinhan Finance to new heights in its transformation and development. Vietnam is a critical market for our global business with great opportunities to expand our offerings, leveraging strategic and technical support in digitalization by Shinhan Card,” said Oh Taejoon. “Our top priority will be on diversifying compassionate finance solutions and benefits to our customers, partners, and the communities, capitalising on our credible corporate reputation of nearly 15 years and international brand heritage.”

He added, “I highly appreciate my Vietnam team for their strong capability and potential which is one of the key factors for Shinhan Finance to strive for a sustainable growth, meeting the various demands for financial services, promoting financial inclusion, and supporting local people to fully and conveniently access quality financial services.”

“I also appreciate the companionship of customers and their confidence in us for years. It has been a motivation for Shinhan Finance to make greater efforts for sustainable development.”

Shinhan Finance, a member of Shinhan Card – Korea’s leading credit card issuer – has been operating officially under the Shinhan Finance brand since July 2019. With Shinhan Card’s know-how in financial products and nearly 15 years of experience in Vietnam’s consumer lending market, Shinhan Finance aims to carve out a spot among best customer-oriented finance companies in Vietnam.

new general director takes the lead of shinhan finance

With a widespread nationwide business network, the company has the capacity to serve customers with flexible financial solutions, enabling customers to fulfil their dreams and enhance their living standards. The company was honoured as the Best Sustainability Development Company Vietnam 2020 by the UK’s Global Banking & Finance Review.

*The Best Sustainability Development Company Vietnam 2020 by Global Banking & Finance Review – United Kingdom,

By Ha Thuy

Nguồn: Vietnam Investment Review

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