NPX Point Avenue closes stellar Series A round for K-12 primacy

Named as one of Vietnam’s SME 100 Fast Moving Companies, Singapore-based NPX Point Avenue, an education technology company focused on the fast-growing K-12 private international school market and K-12 after school training market, recently closed $12 million in a Series A funding round led by Hong Kong-based private equity firm Gaw Capital.
npx point avenue closes stellar series a round for k 12 primacy
Danny Hwang and Tommy Nguyen, Point Avenue Graduation Ceremony 2019

Danny Hwang, Co-CEO, said, “We are thankful to work with Gaw Capital and Generation Growth Investors Ltd., which, combined with our team’s talent and efforts, will enable NPX Point Avenue’s continued growth and success in Vietnam, Thailand, and beyond.”

Launched in 2018, NPX Point Avenue seeks to create an ambitious roadmap for expansion –K-12 private bilingual schools, hybrid learning focused EdTech, and K-12 hybrid academies –targeting Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Bangkok. On top of English learning, test preparation, competitive debate coaching, admissions consulting, life coaching, and leadership camps, NPX Point Avenue offers a unique mentoring system that develops student character, soft skills, and leadership skills often side-lined in traditional school systems.

Michael Lambert, head of True North School (TNS), said, “TNS will prepare students for the future workforce. Learning can no longer be an 8 to 3 weekday, four-walled, timed-experience. At TNS, we are departing from the past and catching the future.”

NPX Point Avenue has been able to safely and seamlessly offer students the highest quality in education through the COVID-19 pandemic. Courses offered can be taken completely online, through their live class tool, or in a hybrid fashion, via their online learning management system and state-of-the-art facilities.

Samuel Hwang, Co-CEO, Chief Technological Officer said, “Our strategy of integrating both online and hybrid learning for both the K-12 private bilingual school and after-school training business is a winning formula we believe will allow us to be the top EdTech company in the region.”

npx point avenue closes stellar series a round for k 12 primacy
Point Avenue SAT hybrid class

Their approach uniquely emphasises active remote learning with interactive live-streamed classes, using a platform that enables students to complete assignments and receive individualised teacher feedback. The focus on innovation has led to stellar results.

NPX Point Avenue’s live class tool captures the spirit of in-person instruction for remote learners and teachers through collaborative tools and allows NPX Point Avenue to provide unique offerings such as online debate courses, where students can compete with international-based peers.

Tommy Nguyen, COO, said, “We are an academic community that values character and leadership development as much as academic rigor. Through our vision, expertise, and ability to bring together top educators, we aspire to build an enduring education movement.”

Both are no strangers to the private education and EdTech industry. Samuel (a graduate of MIT) and Danny (a graduate of West Point) are brothers in real-life and in business. Samuel and Danny cofounded New Pathway Education and Technology Group, an online to offline adaptive learning platform integrated with language training and test preparation programmes. This platform later expanded to other standardised tests required by overseas universities and colleges.

Together, they were able to find success and exit New Pathway in 2014 to CVC Capital Partners, who then merged the business with EIC Education, one of China’s largest education agencies, claiming a 13 per cent national share of outbound agency business at the time. In two years’ time, the New Pathway and EIC Education business exited to a local Chinese private equity firm, NLD Investments.


By Thai An

Nguồn: Vietnam Investment Review

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