Qualcomm elevating dreams of local tech startups

In line with Vietnam’s digital transformation, the Qualcomm Vietnam Innovation Challenge is supporting the development of Vietnam’s rising technology ecosystem, and helping Vietnamese entrepreneurs enter new global markets.
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Qualcomm elevating dreams of local tech startups

Qualcomm Vietnam has announced the shortlisted nine startup teams, covering smart cities, Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things (IoT), agriculture, and machine learning. The selection is based on a variety of qualities including technical skill, innovative products, and a focus on patentable technologies. The startups will each receive a grant of $10,000 to further develop their proposals during the 10-month technical and business incubation programme and will be eligible to compete for cash prizes of up to $100,000 in the finale. Here are the shortlisted teams, along with their exciting ideas and visions for the future.

Phenikaa Maas

Starting from a leading public transit application in Vietnam with more than two million users, the bHub device featuring the Qualcomm SDM660 chipset is a driver behaviour recognition module that supports a short detection distance for driver behaviour monitoring.

“Phenika Maas considers knowledge and core technologies as the main values for a sustainable development to bring out a string of all-round solutions,” said Phenikaa Maas team leader Nguyen Bich.

3C Machinery Co., Ltd.

3C Machinery is one of the most innovative robotics startups in Asia. It designs, develops, and manufactures high-precision robotics, motion control, and integrated solutions for industrial automation. 3C Machinery’s team leader Nguyen Hai Linh said, “Our goal is creating a variety of unique robotic products made in Vietnam that make us stand out on the robotics world map.”

Vulcan Augmetics

Vulcan Augmetics is a manufacturer of modular robotic prosthetics, and one of the first electric prosthesis companies in Vietnam. “Our vision is for a single company and range of body-mounted technology which can assist or replace almost any part of the human body, all wirelessly linked together, integrated and controlled with an intuitive and adaptive software package, and supported by the best and most flexible IoT hardware,” said Rafael Masters, Vulcan Augmetics CEO and co-founder.


AIOZ is a deep-tech startup, researching and developing proprietary AI technologies for video analytics, mobile robotics systems, smart cities, and beyond. Its BeetleBot system is an intelligent mobile delivery robot which can flexibly function in both indoor and outdoor environments. “Our BeetleBot mission is to revolutionise the last-mile deliveries industry, offering people more convenient services powered by AI and robotics, which enhances daily life,” said Tran Quang, AIOZ Vietnam co-founder.


25INC – TK 25 Technology JSC was set up in 2016 with a focus on smart retail and advertising. At QVIC, 25INC expects to complete an ecosystem model hoping to create 5G edge computing to solve existing problems.

CEO Nguyen Trung Khanh said, “25 INC desires to create an official connection channel, help consumers access the products of the genuine brand, and optimise the time to order and receive goods in order to save costs and travel time wherever they are.”


Rostek is a technology company providing the solutions on intelligent automation and digital transformation in the industrial sector. For QVIC, Rostek’s self-propelled AGV is a robot for freight transport in factories and warehouses. “Rostek plans to research and develop AGV products, quality monitoring and evaluation systems in production, and smart warehouses to build a complete ecosystem,” said Rostek CEO and co-founder Chu Duc Thanh.

Cloud Energy

Cloud Energy provides a software-as-a-service platform for building facility management and utility management. “The module product that we develop as part of QVIC is a key product for smart city development. Our vision is to create tools and platforms for many people, organisations, and startups to quickly develop solutions for smart city development,” said Pham Tuan Anh, Cloud Energy CEO and founder.


LC is a startup focusing on energy-saving and water-efficient products, aiming, as founder and CEO Nguyen Thanh Cong said, “to become a leading producer of smart energy metering equipment in Vietnam in the next 5-10 years, with a vision to expand to the ASEAN and international markets.”

For QVIC, LC is developing a smart meter reader which enables real-time measurement of energy load consumption, analyses data, offers warnings, and provides recommendations to help save energy.

Lancs Digital Vietnam

Lancs Digital Vietnam is a technology startup focusing on information security and IoT solutions for agriculture.

Lancs Digital CEO Vu The Quang said, “Our Aquamatic solution at a reasonable cost will help farmers manage risks through the application of technology.”

Launched in December 2019 and supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the finale of the Qualcomm Vietnam Innovation Challenge will be held this August, where the top three finalists will be selected by a jury of industry leaders.

By Bich Thuy

Nguồn: Vietnam Investment Review

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