Samsung Vina appoints new president

Samsung Vina Electronics has just announced its new senior leadership, with Kevin Lee being officially appointed as the new president of Samsung Vina Electronics.
samsung vina appoints new president
Kevin Lee, new president of Samsung Vina Electronics

The new president of Samsung Vina is a seasoned veteran in the mobile industry with over 30 years of experience in many leadership positions across various markets. Accordingly, Kevin was senior vice president, Verizon Account in Samsung Electronics America; and president of Samsung Electronics Benelux and Greece prior to becoming the president of Samsung Vina Electronics.

Samsung is the world’s leading consumer electronics company, and the quality and features that come with each product all come from Samsung’s relentless research and innovation.

“Vietnam is going to be in the spotlight in 2021. I want to be a part of Vietnam’s success stories by capturing opportunities for growth: economic recovery, Internet of Things technology, open business environment and a young, captivated generation of new consumers,” said Kevin Lee. “I envision Samsung to be the brand that seizes the right opportunities, at the appropriate channels where we provide the most value for consumers. Then, and by only then, we can become the most beloved brand and stand out in a competitive landscape.”

Samsung’s ultimate goal in the coming years is becoming a brand that has widespread brand recognition across business units, winning consumers’ hearts and advocacy, and maintain leadership positions in products categories where it has a presence.

In order to reach this goal, Samsung’s strategic growth roadmap under Kevin Lee’s leadership will revolve around the two following main driving forces.

The first focus more on people. For consumers, Samsung Vina will maintain a consistent brand voice allowing consumers to recognise and remember the brand with ease.

Samsung Vina will strengthen strategic partnerships with business partners as well as influencers on a “win-win” basis. All sides will be working towards a shared goal of creating value and move beyond simply transactional relationships.

The company’s staff will receive rigorous training and new talents complementing the team to make sure the workforce remains competitive and receives best-in-class benefits to keep business functioning optimally.

In localities where Samsung Vina operates, the company conducts diverse corporate social responsibility programmes, especially specialised training programmes in line with the government’s directive to improve Vietnam’s digital literacy, and other initiatives that improve overall quality of life.

Second is utilising impactful innovations with on-demand flexibility.In this new normal, consumers’ behaviours are changing rapidly to adapt to the volatility of their daily lives. Therefore, Samsung Vina is committed to delivering the most meaningful products, and at the same time reimagining operations in this new age.

Under the new leadership, Samsung Vina seeks to maintain its commercial success in Vietnam, expand its sustainable business practices, build stronger and more impactful strategic partnerships, nurture innovation, and become Vietnam’s premium consumer electronics brand.

By Anh Duc

Nguồn: Vietnam Investment Review

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