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Vietnam emerges as top alternative for global supply chain shift

The number of US-based companies seeing Vietnam as a top sourcing market has doubled over the past four years due to the global relocation trend from China.

Chinese growth offering regional food for thought

This month China unveiled an impressive growth figure of 18.3 per cent for the first quarter of 2021, as it seeks to be one of the first nations to truly bounce back from the coronavirus pandemic that originated there. What does this mean going forward for Vietnam’s economic ambitions and other regional relationships?

Sanctions and squabbles shift global trade balance

The fabric of global trade is being tugged at once again with the European Union and China entering a new spat over sanctions, while recent dialogues between the latter and the United States were frosty to say the least.

Vietnam’s export turnover of steel soars in 2020

Vietnam exported 9.86 million tonnes of steel worth $5.26 billion in 2020, up 47.9 per cent on-year but the average selling price dropped to $533 per tonne.

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