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Shopee pulling ahead in e-commerce blitz

While Shopee is consolidating its lead as the number one e-commerce player in Southeast Asia, its rivals know the landscape can change with savvy advertising campaigns and exclusive deals with buyers and sellers.

Tech-led foundation crucial in e-commerce

Vietnam’s e-commerce development is a bright spot for Industry 4.0 with a high growth rate of 20-30 per cent

Amazon announced to strengthen collaboration with iDEA

Amazon today announced to strengthen collaboration with Vietnam E-commerce and Digital Economy Agency (iDEA) under the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and launched the “Win Global with Local Product in New Trade Era” campaign to help vietnamese sellers transform online.

New Mastercard report: E-commerce a COVID-19 lifeline for merchants

An additional $900 billion was spent in online retail around the world in 2020, according to Mastercard’s latest Recovery Insights report.

Dreary times persisting for appliance retailers

The pandemic has without a doubt been a real challenge for any consumer business. However, the health crisis may not have been the deciding factor in the declining stored-based electronics and home appliances retail segment as e-commerce services’ share has been continuously on the rise. 

Tightened regulations needed for rising e-commerce activity

Accelerating e-commerce management policies in Vietnam may be a necessary step to create an equal footing with physical retailers, but the multitude of trading platforms and a lenient approach may throw stones in the path of lawmakers.

Accountability sought in e-commerce

Unless they enhance their responsibilities in controlling trading activities in order to improve competitiveness, e-commerce platforms may face troubles caused by new legal provisions and sanctions. 

Strengthening tax administration across the e-commerce landscape

Vietnam is a country where internet users account for more than half of the country’s population and this is expected to increase sharply in the coming years.

Vietnam improves ranking on global B2C e-commerce index 2020

The B2C E-commerce Index 2020 of Vietnam has climbed one rank over the last year, remaining among the top 10 developing and transition economies in the region.

E-commerce realm requires roadmap

The growing demand for imported products in Vietnam and other markets will fuel runaway growth for cross-border e-commerce. However, the speed of expansion could also impose a burden on the government as it looks to efficiently supervise the fresh business model.

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