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Using past lessons to build the future

Over the past 46 years, Vietnam has weathered numerous difficulties in the economic sphere. Raymond Mallon, a senior economic expert based in Vietnam, provides perspective on how the economy has performed since national reunification in 1975, and analyses the key factors and measures that might help Vietnam achieve its objective of becoming a developed nation by 2045.

Enacting long-term reforms for strong economic recovery

As the global economy is still mostly struggling with the health crisis, the start in 2021 is overshadowed by the hurdles of the previous year. Nevertheless, Vietnam may regain traction in economic growth.

New economic priorities for a new year

Despite no signals of an end to the global health crisis, the Vietnamese government is continuing to demonstrate its patience and efforts to drive the economy forward, with a new target for growth and wider solutions to improve national competiveness and create new space for enterprises to flourish.

Building on economic resilience for the future

Since the beginning of its reform in the late 1980s, Vietnam has achieved extraordinary results in its economic development.

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