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Wide-ranging support ahead for economy

To spur on local production and achieve its desired economic growth goal, Vietnam is to enact new financial solutions aimed to assist the business community. However, will the schemes affect the state budget picture, which earned a surplus in the first quarter of this year?

High hopes for economic advances

Despite enduring a heavy toll caused by the global health crisis in 2020, the Vietnamese economy is expected to drive forward strongly thanks in part to a boost in domestic consumption and investment, which will continue being among prime priorities set by the government to achieve its new growth goal.

Reshuffle underway to further stimulate revival of economy

The 13th National Party Congress is expected to set the country’s average annual growth rate of 6.5-7 per cent from now until 2025, when Vietnam may become a higher middle-income nation. To this end, restructuring public investment and state-owned enterprises will be more critical in order to create a level playing field in the economy.

Circular economy at the core of growth resurgence

By bringing enterprises on board to maximise the use of natural resources, the circular economy can play a crucial role in promoting comprehensive and sustainable growth in Vietnam in the next decade.

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