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Global investment firm KKR invest in Vietnamese education company EQuest

Global investment firm KKR has announced its investment into EQuest Education Group, a leading educational services provider in Vietnam.

Thien Long honoured in FAST500 for eighth time

Thien Long Group was named on the FAST500 rankings as one of the 500 fastest-growing enterprises in Vietnam at Sheraton Hotel, Hanoi.

Smart education management app PHX Smart School wins Sao Khue Award 2021

PHX Smart School was named the best technological product/solution for the education and training sector at the Sao Khue Awards 2021 on April 24.

Shift to edtech taking centre stage

With the pandemic wreaking havoc on traditional models of education, edtech startups are emerging as alternative solutions for many students, with the recent rise attracting the attention of deep-pocketed capital funds.

UNDP promoting green chemistry GC in enterprises and universities

The UNDP and the VCA has jointly organised a workshop to raise awareness and share experiences on green chemistry with businesses and universities in Vietnam.

Education still on plate for investors

In spite of the fierce competition, foreign investors are paying attention to Vietnam’s education sector, especially in regards to foreign language centres along with stake contributions and purchase deals at schools.

Edtech in Vietnam – revolution or simply a stagnant continuation?

Education reform has always been a debatable topic in Vietnam for years. People talked about changing the teaching materials, and updating relevant learning content that can stimulate students’ interests. People also put their trust in education technology, or edtech, that it will reinforce learning accessibility and make it easier for learners.

Level playing field sought for edtech

Education technology is seen as a fertilising land for local startups, but to get boons from brand new sectors, they first need to solve inequitable technology accessibility across the country.

BASF Virtual Lab offers two additional science experiments in Vietnamese

BASF introduced two additional chemistry experiments in Vietnamese in its BASF Virtual Lab for children to do a variety of interactive chemistry experiments.

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