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2020 LNG demand holds despite COVID-19, set for growth as global economies recover

Global LNG trade increased to 360 million tonnes in 2020, according to Shell’s latest annual LNG Outlook, despite the volatility caused by COVID-19.

Reaching energy efficiency a great challenge in Vietnam

Energy saving ambitions laid out in companies' slogans and reality are worlds apart in Vietnam as electricity consumption continues to grow.

New strategies essential for nation’s energy-saving goals

Sparked by Vietnam’s rapid development in the last few decades, the hunger for electricity has been rising continuously. To tackle the situation, industry insiders and scientists advise caution to prevent power shortages and promote the idea of energy efficiency not only among citizens but also industries and government agencies

Critical energy sector in region’s crosshairs

Energy is a key component in advancing the ASEAN Economic Community’s pursuit for an inclusive and dynamic regional economic integration towards 2025 and beyond. It has been a valuable input for a well-connected ASEAN which continuously drives a highly integrated, competitive, innovative, and global ASEAN.

100 per cent households in Phu Yen connect with national power grid

The 100kVA electricity substation in Lac Sanh commune of Tay Hoa district has come into operation, connecting the final commune of Phu Yen to the national grid.

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