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How to deal with Suez contractual claims

After the Suez Canal incident last month causing wide disruption to global trade, attention has been turned to the legal implications surrounding the issue. Tony Nguyen,  founder and senior partner of legal consultancy firm EPLegal, discusses the varying laws and contracts that could come into play.

Suez Canal fiasco adding to prolonged trade difficulties

As the incident with the Ever Given on the Suez Canal has finally been resolved, Vietnam’s exporters can at least look forward to free routes for their goods. However, the pressure amid the ongoing health crisis and international trade tensions remains.

Blame game begins as Suez blockage dents trade routes

More than the length of four football fields, it took an almighty international effort to free the Ever Given cargo ship from the Suez Canal.

Suez Canal breakdown puts local import and export on edge

Vietnam has been angling for solutions to help local goods reach the EU after being held up by the historic maritime blunder at the Suez Canal.

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