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CPI produces record growth in February

Hiking prices over the Lunar New Year holiday, as well as the end of the EVN's power-price assistance programme, have lead to a record increase of the CPI.

EVN to invest in $2.1 billion thermal power project in Quang Binh province

EVN will invest approximately $2.1 billion in Quang Trach II Thermal Power Plant in Hon La Economic Zone, Quang Binh province.

Investors give EVN Genco 2 cold shoulder at IPO

Despite EVN Genco 2 owning substantial interests in thermal and hydropower plants, 99.97 per cent of the stake it offered at its IPO was unmarketable.

US supports Vietnam to advance clean energy deployment

USAID Vietnam Urban Energy Security project and EVN partnered up to support EVN’s efforts to expand Rooftop Solar (RTS) energy generation in Vietnam.

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