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Methods to achieve growth in tandem with energy goals

As Vietnam’s economy is experiencing significant growth, so is its demand for energy consumption. The industrial sector, followed by the transport one, requires the highest growth rate and in fact also consumes the largest amount of energy. Energy efficiency, among others, is an integral part of reaching economic growth with the lowest possible amount of CO2 emissions.

Desire for long-term tactics in solar power

Although Vietnam began to develop solar power plants just about three years ago, the initially achieved capacities have been outstanding. However, the short terms of the government’s previous two incentive programmes have left many projects stagnating, leading to unused potential.

Development at stake with FiT alteration

The proposed dramatic reduction to the feed-in tariff risks seriously damaging the growth of Vietnam’s promising wind power sector, slowing down investment and the creation of new jobs and making it harder for the nation to meet growing energy demand, according to the Global Wind Energy Council.

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