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How Vietnam can remain a foreign investment sweet spot

Foreign direct investment into Vietnam has grown exponentially in the last three decades.

Reboot required for high-tech funding

Foreign investment flows into Vietnam’s high-tech sector remained lacklustre in the first five months of 2021, falling behind in meeting national expectations and forcing the country to change its approach.

Sunny FDI outlook amid supply strains

While concerns over interruption of global supply chains linger due to serious outbreaks of COVID-19 in India, Thailand, and elsewhere, Vietnam is attempting to remain on the front foot with continued business confidence and inflow of foreign investment.

Supporting industries receiving multinational boost

The relocation of multinational corporations has accelerated the shift of foreign investment capital to Vietnam’s supporting industries to accommodate the lack of local suppliers.

Regional tensions throwing investing trajectory up in air

Political stability has been seen as one of the main reasons for Vietnam’s success in recent years in terms of attracting foreign investment. But how might current unrest in other Southeast Asian countries affect the flows of investment in the region as it simultaneously attempts to fight its way out of the pandemic?

Ho Chi Minh City seeks investment for seven major projects

HCM City is seeking foreign investment over the next five years for seven major projects, including four metro lines.

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