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Quality investment continues at pace for Thai Nguyen

As part of Vietnam’s northwest region, Thai Nguyen has been taking the lead among localities nationwide in foreign investment attraction in recent years, drawing in scores of domestic and foreign investors.

Foreign investors seek PPP guarantees to incite interest

While new public-private partnership ventures and new legislation are in the gun barrel waiting for potential investors to join, possible concerns over risk protection are still in the way, possibly threatening the bankability of the country’s future transport plans.

Warehouse demand swelling investment

Local and foreign investors are gearing up their efforts to develop warehouses amid demand surges.

Foreign investors maintain interest in Vietnam

Despite a year-on-year slip in foreign direct investment (FDI) to Vietnam in the first four months of the year, foreign investors still signed major deals in the country and confirmed its ongoing investment appeal.

Vietnam welcomes FDI in production of medical equipment: trade officer

Vietnam has rolled out the red carpet for foreign investors, including those from ASEAN member states, to land investment in the field of advanced medical equipment, said Counselor Nguyen Manh Hung at the Vietnamese Embassy in Germany.

Conditions in place for offshore development

Reducing the cost of capital for offshore wind power projects in Vietnam will be the main driver for lowering electricity costs and encouraging investment in such projects, argue several international energy experts, with the right government policies needed to be implemented quickly to follow through with the country’s energy development schedule.

Pandemic woes add to ditched FIE rise

The number of foreign investors fleeing from their responsibilities in Vietnam is likely to increase as more businesses go bankrupt due to the stretched economic effects of the pandemic.

January FDI tops 1.5 billion USD

Foreign investors had poured 1.51 billion USD into Vietnam as of January 20, a 4.1 percent increase over the same period last year, according to the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI).

Education still on plate for investors

In spite of the fierce competition, foreign investors are paying attention to Vietnam’s education sector, especially in regards to foreign language centres along with stake contributions and purchase deals at schools.

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