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Keeping inflation in the sweet spot

The government will attempt to successfully control inflation this year with demand potentially failing to fully recover, despite a rise in local consumption.

Building an appropriate plan for the socioeconomic future

With the backdrop of the pandemic, global trade tensions, natural calamities, and other hurdles, Vietnam has drawn up new directions for its 5-year socioeconomic development that now depends on the leadership and determination of the newly-elected governm

Government shows urgency in climate change battle

In a bid to ensure sustainable development and economic growth, the government has enacted a fresh action programme on continuing response to climate change, with new mechanisms in favour of private investment.

E-commerce realm requires roadmap

The growing demand for imported products in Vietnam and other markets will fuel runaway growth for cross-border e-commerce. However, the speed of expansion could also impose a burden on the government as it looks to efficiently supervise the fresh business model.

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