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Tag: High-tech

Reboot required for high-tech funding

Foreign investment flows into Vietnam’s high-tech sector remained lacklustre in the first five months of 2021, falling behind in meeting national expectations and forcing the country to change its approach.

New wave of high-tech ventures await entry

South Korea is expected to keep its top position as Vietnam’s largest foreign investor on the back of upcoming investment inflows going into high-tech production, buoyed by pandemic successes on both sides.

High-tech success resting on investment

Vietnam is a fertile ground for high-tech development, for both domestic and international tech companies.

Tier system revamped for high-tech strategy

Driven by its digital transformation strategy, Vietnam will set more favourable standards for high-tech businesses’ recognition from next month in a move to develop the country into a high-tech hub.

High-tech a bright spot in FDI picture

Although the country’s registered foreign direct investment capital went down by 15.6 per cent on-year due to the pandemic, financial injections still managed to find their way to high-tech projects in the first two months of the year, showcasing the attraction of some of Vietnam’s industries and localities.

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