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Inflation reined in as materials prices rise through year

Despite a big rise in the prices of construction materials and fuel, a 5-year low in the consumer price index caused by weak demand in the first five months of 2021 is signalling a successful control of inflation.

Keeping inflation in the sweet spot

The government will attempt to successfully control inflation this year with demand potentially failing to fully recover, despite a rise in local consumption.

IMF: Vietnam’s inflation in 2021 may remain at 4 per cent

COVID-19 is forecast to keep hampering Vietnam from reducing inflation this year, despite the strong efforts to stimulate fiscal and monetary policies.

Forestalling impending deflation risk

After a year when inflation was nosediving to threaten a dip below the zero mark by the end of 2020, several Ministry of Finance experts agree that stimulus measures are necessary to turn the curve around and achieve healthy socioeconomic growth with a stable inflation rate in 2021.

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