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Foreign investors from South Korea continue ramping up investment in Dong Nai

Investors from South Korea are looking to increase investment in Dong Nai in the midst of the global health crisis.

Pegatron to pour additional $101 million into Vietnam investment

The Taiwanese government has given a nod to Pegatron Corp to pour additional $101 million investment in Vietnam, according to Reuter.

Investors pointing to upbeat momentum

Vietnam’s generally effective control of the health crisis and improvement of the investment and business climate have further strengthened the confidence of investors in the country.

Newly-registered FDI rises 18.6 per cent in first five months

Newly- and additionally-registered foreign direct investment (FDI) capital in the first five months has increased by 17 per cent on-year.

Binh Duong licenses five foreign-invested projects of $1 billion

Binh Duong People's Committee today awarded investment certificates for five foreign-invested projects with the total capital of nearly $1 billion.

Key maritime projects stuck in the mud without public funds

Urgent maritime projects might need to wait for other sources of funding to get off the drawing board after public funding was diverted to the state coffers. 

Warehouse demand swelling investment

Local and foreign investors are gearing up their efforts to develop warehouses amid demand surges.

South Korean firms advised to weigh risks and challenges for Vietnam relocation plans

More South Korean companies are relocating to Vietnam but they need to consider the risks and challenges present in the market.

Vietnam shining bright as appealing investment venue

Michele Wee, CEO of Standard Chartered Vietnam, shares how Vietnam can retain its appeal and how Standard Chartered Vietnam could support the process.

Foreign companies ramp up investment in tyre production

More tyre producers are ramping up investment in Vietnam to capitalise on the opportunities brought by free trade agreements.

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