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Labour export businesses struggle amid latest COVID-19 resurgence

As there has not been much time to recover from losses caused by the pandemic last year, Vietnamese labour export enterprises and workers wishing to go abroad continue to worry over the situation.

Department of Overseas Labour displays determination on 2021’s labour export goal

Countries are being forced to shift targets when it comes to export of labour across borders, and Vietnam is no exception.

Business health to come first in future wage date changes

In addition to recommending against an increase in wages this year, many experts and businesses have also opposed proposals to change the timing of regional minimum wage changes from January 1 to July in order to protect businesses and avoid operational issues as they attempt to wade through the pandemic period.

Pandemic fluctuations persist in Vietnamese labour market

A report from Vietnam’s General Statistics Office on the country’s employment situation over the first quarter of 2021 has uncovered the breadth and depth of the pandemic’s effects, despite the impressive work carried out to keep the coronavirus away from its people.

Collective wage talks key to aiding growth

Proposals are being looked at to change the timeframe of when wage rises are implemented on an annual basis. International Labour Organization Vietnam director Chang-Hee Lee talked to VIR’s Ha Thu about how the voices of workers can be better heard to help create a driving force to expand the domestic market and promote economic growth.

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