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Yusen Logistics opens new logistics centre in Binh Duong

Yusen Logistics (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. announced the grand opening of its new Yusen Tan Dong Hiep B Logistics Center in Di An city, Binh Duong province in Vietnam.

Nhat Tin Logistics launches its 20,000sq.m sorting and classifying centre

This is the largest sorting and classifying center as well as the second place to receive and store goods of Nhat Tin in the North.

Larger frame of mind for logistics

Throughout more than three decades of economic reform, Vietnamese companies from many sectors have been venturing abroad and become role models. Yet, the logistics sector remains too focused on the domestic market.

Lalamove ramps up truck delivery services in Vietnam

On-demand delivery platform Lalamove has stepped up its inner-city truck delivery services to meet the rising demand for last-mile delivery in the peak season.

What the future holds for logistics industry?

Amid supply chain shifts, Vietnam is expected to become the new global “warehouse” and the development of modern logistics centres was flagged as the next inevitable trend at the recent CEO Forum.    

Nghịch lý: Thiếu trầm trọng container xuất khẩu trong khi 3.000 vỏ nằm “đắp chiếu”

Trong lúc xuất khẩu hàng hoá Việt Nam gặp khó do khủng hoảng thiếu vỏ container, thì việc giải phóng hàng nghìn container vô chủ tại các cảng biển là bài toán cần phải được giải cấp bách...

Vì đâu chi phí Logistics của Việt Nam chiếm tới gần 17% GDP và lời giải từ Viettel Post, Abivin

"Các bài học thành công chia sẻ từ Tổng Công ty Hàng hải Việt Nam, Viettel Post, rồi Abivin đều nói đem lại hiệu quả rất cao. Vậy vì đâu mà chi phí Logistics vẫn chiếm gần 17% GDP và cao hơn rất nhiều mức trung bình của thế giới? Nói nôm na là vì sao em cái gì cũng đẹp mà vẫn chưa lấy được chồng?", TS. Võ Trí Thành - Viện trưởng Viện Nghiên cứu chiến lược thương hiệu và cạnh tranh - đặt vấn đề.

Lalamove adjusts fares to share difficulties with customers

While ride-hailing and food delivery service providers hiked fees and commission rates, Lalamove is adjusting fees to benefit customers.

Creating prosperity through strengthening of logistics

Since launching doi moi  over three decades ago, Vietnam has positioned itself as one of the top exporters for many goods, with logistics playing a vital role in the process.

Fresh port charges hit city’s logistics

Despite strong objections among businesses, Ho Chi Minh City will start collecting infrastructure and service fees at seaports from July 2021, triggering concerns over logistics cost increases.

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