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Masan raises foreign ownership limit to 100 per cent

Vietnamese conglomerate Masan Group has just been approved by the State Securities Commission (SSC) to increase its foreign ownership limit to 100 per cent.

Startups attracting funds with M&A

Vietnamese startups are still drawing in local investment capital as they emerge as the most sought-after targets for dealmakers.

Growth within reach for local groups with M&A nous

As Vietnamese companies are becoming more experienced in mergers and acquisitions, Samuel Son-Tung Vu, partner at law firm Bae, Kim & Lee Vietnam, talked with VIR’s Thanh Van about the robust participation of local players in dealmaking.

Local groups capitalise on M&A opportunities

Vietnam has witnessed a surging number of local groups acquiring assets from both domestic and foreign players, with the rise signalling a major change in the mergers and acquisitions game in the country.

Vietnamese buyers cross the ocean for M&A transactions

A recent significant jump in Vietnam’s investment abroad, raising direct funds, and mergers and acquisitions are slated to help local companies quench the thirst for high-quality capital, improving their international status, and expanding their customer bases.

M&A expected to soar in second half

Despite a drop in M&A during the pandemic, a breakthrough is expected in the second half thanks to some billion-dollar deals in the making.

It’s never too late to optimise M&A value

Mergers and acquisitions can be an effective strategy to increase business value. Unfortunately, many transactions do not deliver their expected benefits due to a variety of breakdowns in the merger and integration process. Le Khanh Lam, tax partner at RSM Vietnam, explains how, by focusing on operational and process improvement, it is not too late to drive significant value to the organisation.

The keys to M&A attraction

In recent years, Vietnam has been actively improving investment policies as well as enhancing the legal framework for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activities. 

Uphill prospects in M&A activity through to 2022

A new government, potential to reopen borders, and faster approval process for long-delayed projects by local authorities are some of the factors leading to more vibrant movement in mergers and acquisitions for the rest of the year.

VIR hosts workshop titled “M&A – The Emerging Local Forces”

VIR and Nova Group will organise a workshop on May 7 in Ho Chi Minh City to offer a practical perspective on the rise of M&A activities by Vietnamese companies.

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