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La Vie factory in Hung Yen granted Alliance for Water Stewardship certification

The La Vie factory in Hung Yen is the second in Vietnam to receive an Alliance for Water Stewardship certification for the protection of water resources.

Nestlé Vietnam setting sights higher

Nestlé Vietnam has been awarded the Vietnam National Gold Quality Award 2019-2020, highlighting the corporation’s vision, leadership, and strong business performance in the past year.

Nestlé Vietnam takes award for bettering lives across Vietnam

The Vietnamese government last week awarded the Vietnam National Quality Gold Award 2019-2020 to Swiss-backed Nestlé Vietnam for its outstanding contributions to the country.

Nestlé Vietnam bringing Maggi products to the world

Carving out for itself a reputation for being a force for good in the corporate community and being very local in its operations through sourcing, talent pipeline, and corporate sustainability activities, Nestlé Vietnam is also becoming the Nestlé Culinary Hub for the entire region, lending its expertise to neighbouring markets in producing Maggi liquid products with a local flare such as soya sauce and oyster sauce.

Nestlé Vietnam once again lauded for budget contribution

Nestlé Vietnam has been conferred a Certificate of Merit by Dong Nai for its excellent achievements in state budget contribution.

Nestlé takes sustainability to next level

A proud recipient of the Top 3 Sustainable Companies 2020 for the manufacturing sector, Nestlé Vietnam is already looking beyond regular sustainability to not only offset but regenerate the world’s resources.

Nestlé Vietnam’s programmes supporting sustainable actions

Nestlé Vietnam is developing sustainable supply chains to boost the export of high value-added and processed coffee products to international markets, contributing to the growth of the Vietnamese coffee industry.

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