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Phu Yen greets sizeable projects

A pipeline of sizeable projects has landed at Phu Yen province in Vietnam’s southcentral coast in the year to date to cash in on abundant local potential.

Tree-planting in Phu Yen lays roots for nationwide goal

The south-central province of Phu Yen has commenced its plan to plant millions of trees over the next five years, making it a greener locality in pursuit of sustainable development.

VIR webchat: Phu Yen, an attractive investment destination

Many investors attended the Phu Yen People’s Committee for the webchat with VIR reporters and readers about investment opportunities in the province.

Phu Yen to restructure agricultural sector

The 17th Congress of the Communist Party of Phu Yen province has named restructuring the agricultural sector one of the six key tasks for 2020-2025.

Phu Yen proposes to develop expressway to Central Highlands

Phu Yen People’s Committee has proposed constructing an expressway in 2026-2030 opening a key connection to the Central Highlands region.

Phu Yen urges completion of provincial development planning

The Department of Planning and Investment has urged the building of the provincial development planning in 2021-2030 with a vision to 2050.

Phu Yen develops six agri- and ecotourism projects

Developing agri and ecotourism projects is part of the OCOP planning in 2019-2020 with a vision to 2030 that Phu Yen People’s Committee approved.

Phu Yen requests support to overcome consequences of natural disasters

Phu Yen People’s Committee requested the MARD to provide VND320 billion ($13.9 million) to help local people overcome the consequences of natural disasters.

Members of Phu Yen High-Tech Forestry Cooperative almost quadruple in first year

The number of Phu Yen High-Tech Forestry Co-operative members almost quadrupled over year, going from 26 in 2019 to 95 this year.

Phu Yen vows to implement integrated resiliency development project on schedule

At a working session with the World Bank, Phu Yen committed to implementing the integrated resiliency development project on time with committed quality.

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