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Curbing single-use plastic conundrum in Vietnam

Vietnam and several countries in Southeast Asia are taking a raft of measures to minimise plastic waste pollution, particularly cushioning the use of single-use plastics and leveraging local resources as well as external support.

Finding the right approach to lower marine plastic pollution

Implementing subprojects of the Rethinking Plastics Project to collect marine litter in Phu Yen and manage ship waste at Cat Lai Port will promote the conservation of the Vietnamese marine environment.

Vietnam takes action to clean out ocean environs

By 2030, Vietnam’s fishing and tourism industry will suffer if nothing is done to fight plastic pollution, figures warn.

Clearing up the future of the planet

There could be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050, warned the Ellen MacArthur Foundation five years ago. Today, this warning still holds value if business continues as usual. The G20, inter-regional projects like Rethinking Plastics, and groups of scientists have taken the initiative and are trying their utmost to reduce marine litter and protect the future of our ocean as well as ourselves.

Bringing tried-and-tested EU know-how to bear in Vietnam

Discussing European  Union’s ambitions to combat plastic pollution, Rui Ludovino, first counsellor of Climate Action, Environment, Employment, and Social Policies at the Delegation of the EU to Vietnam, shared with Tom Nguyen how the Rethinking Plastics Project is supporting Vietnam in cleaning up its marine environment.

An Phat Holdings awarded trademark protection in the US

An Phat Holdings was granted a trademark registration certificate by the United States for its AnEco compostable and compostable product line.

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