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Ambitious railway development plan in Vietnam until 2030

Along with upgrading railway routes, Vietnam has ambitious plans to develop a number of new ones during 2021-2030 to strengthen regional economic development.

Cooperation plans still on hold amid railway system revamp

While state-owned giant Vietnam Railways’ new restructuring plan is expected to leverage private investment in the ailing railway industry, the track to prosperity remains steep.

Vietnam Railways saved with allocation of maintenance funding

The railway industry is now back on a firm track as the prolonged troubles over state funding for railway maintenance have been averted.

Safety on the line for railway system in stagnation crisis

Vietnam’s railway industry is pinning hopes on definitive solutions towards its current funding problem that is threatening to shut down trains right across the country.

Vietnam Railways reports loss in 2020, urging clearance of legal problems

With a loss in 2020 due to COVID-19 and legal barriers, Vietnam Railways is urging agencies to soon deal with legal problems to facilitate its operations.

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