Vietnamese rice exports break price record

The price of exported Vietnamese rice has climbed to a new record, exceeding the price of products from Thailand and other countries.

RCEP smooths way for Vietnam to join global supply chains

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) agreement has enabled Vietnam to be connected better with global supply chains compared with other new-generation free trade agreements (FTAs), an official has said.

RCEP can rejuvenate economy across Asia-Pacific

The newly-inked Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) represents the world’s largest trading bloc by economic value and population. But what does this mean for signatories as the region looks to a post-pandemic future?

Suitable policies related to RCEP should be planned now

With the practical assessment of the report on the RCEP impacts on Vietnam, the agreement could prove more beneficial for the country.

RCEP advantages within reach

Textile, footwear, and apparel producers have always faced complicated trading arrangements.  In the past, a multi-faceted agreement governed much of the globe and dictated how much of which products could be produced in which markets. This system was dismantled in the 1990s, but protection remains high in many locations.

An inclusive view of integration successes

2020 is of great significance to Vietnam’s economy as the country has deepened its engagement with the international community through a string of newly-signed landmark trade deals.

RCEP to promote investment inflows from Japan to Vietnam

Once the RCEP comes into effect, it will contribute to promoting trade liberalisation and investment capital inflows from Japan to Vietnam.

Embracing mutual benefits on the back of new deal

Vietnam and Australia are expected to enjoy flourishing economic ties as both are members of the recently-signed Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership. Chau Ta, vice president of AusCham Vietnam, shared the trends of Australian investment in Vietnam in light of the new agreement with VIR’s Thanh Van.

World’s largest trade accord heightens interest in Vietnam

With the advantages to enlarge investment space, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership is expected to add opportunities for Vietnam’s foreign funding inflows on the back of new motivations and trends.

South Korea holds an active attitude to join CPTPP after RCEP

After the RCEP, South Korea is showing interest in joining the CPTPP.

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