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FiT for rooftop solar to drop 30 per cent

The new FiT for rooftop solar may be set at 5.3-5.8 US cents per kWh, instead of the 8.38 US cent that was applied to projects starting before the end of 2020.

Grand opening of 10MWp Song Binh rooftop solar farm in Binh Thuan

Song Binh rooftop solar farm was officially put into operation, adding a total power output of 10MWp a year to the national grid.    

Booming solar power: signal for worry or delight?

Vietnam’s rooftop solar sector has broken a record for its installed capacity within one year, with the country adding roughly 9,000 megawatt peak before December 31 for the second-round feed-in tariff.

New energy renewable and efficiency model applied at Tan Son Nhat Airport

Copper Mountain Energy JSC has inaugurated the first phase of its rooftop solar power project at Tan Son Nhat International Airport's cargo terminal.

Quickfire tactics smash solar rooftop targets

Rooftop solar installation figures are five years ahead of schedule in Vietnam, thanks to intensive and short-term focus on policy as well as fewer investing barriers in issues such as technical standards.

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