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Rubber exports on a roll in first quarter

Increasing demand has pushed up the price of Vietnamese rubber exports, making prospects rosy for domestic companies.

Cautious approach taken for 2021 rubber ambitions

Global rubber prices are rising again, with rubber exporters eyeing international automobile and other processing industries. Nevertheless, as the pandemic remains unpredictable, local rubber producers and exporters are remaining wary when it comes to setting this year’s profit targets.

Rubber price and export rise in first two months

Production fell while the world consumption of natural rubber will likely recover, dragging up the export volume and price of Vietnamese rubber.

Impetus for rubber suppliers to bounce back even higher

Although expectations for an increase in rubber prices remain low, the recent spikes have left rubber growers in Vietnam less worried. Nevertheless, to cash in on the recovering carmakers and other industries after the pandemic, as well as compete with regional rivals, local latex gatherers may need to step up their game and apply for official certificates.

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