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SCG: first-quarter operating results reflect strong recovery from global downturn

Leading Thai conglomerate SCG has just released its first-quarter business results with upbeat business results across the board.

Thailand-based SCG sets Vietnam as backup packaging market

Facing the downturn in the Thai packaging industry, SCG found Vietnam as a backup market, as reflected by its takeover of local plastic maker Duy Tan.    

SCG records higher profits in 2020 despite COVID-19 constraints

SCG has announced strong operating results despite COVID-19 due to to employees' dedication, active approach, agility, and use of digital technology.

SCG Concrete Roof honored among Top 100 Sustainable Companies in Vietnam

SCG Concrete Roof (Vietnam), a subsidiary of SCG in Vietnam, has been awarded the Top 100 Sustainable Companies in Vietnam title by the VBCSD.

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