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Danang lures over $830 million investment from Singapore

Danang is emerging as an attractive investment destination for investors from Singapore, which have poured over $838.4 million into the central city. 

NATEC and Enterprise continue cooperation to unlock Vietnam’s innovation potential

Representatives from NATEC and Enterprise Singapore share how partnerships benefit the innovation landscape for Singapore and Vietnam.

Quang Ninh province registers second Singaporean investment this year

With only a month and a half into the new year, numerous Singaporean investors have decided to invest in Quang Ninh province's industrial zones.

Singaporeans setting sights on Vietnam

The Singaporean business community has been finding ways out to keep operations running in Vietnam amid the new normal and is pinning high hopes on 2021. Jeffrey Wandly, vice president of the Singapore Business Association Vietnam, looks at 2020’s performance and the outlook for the next year.

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