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Fair competition and sustainable economic development for SMEs

It is widely recognised that the decisive and tireless efforts to control the pandemic by the Vietnamese government and people have realised the uninterrupted economic growth of Vietnam.

Over 57.5 per cent of Vietnamese SMEs struggle with digital transformation: How can they cope with the challenge?

SMEs account for a significant portion of the Vietnamese economy and are all looking to turn digital transformation into an opportunity for growth.

Opportunities and challenges for Vietnamese SMEs under EVFTA

Vietnamese SMEs are urged to deal with their existing limitations to grasp the opportunities arising from the EVFTA.

A legal template to build on for development of SMEs

With the new Law on Investment 2020 already in place, big opportunities are there for local firms to flourish. Tran Ngoc Han, senior associate from US-backed law firm Russin & Vecchi Vietnam, writes about positive signals for development of small- and medium-sized enterprises on the back of the law.

Gov’t urged to develop legal framework for direct lending for SME development

The Government has been urged to develop a legal framework for the Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) Development Fund in terms of direct lending, in addition to trust and indirect lending services provided through commercial banks, to provide broader access to soft loans by SMEs.

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