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Danang encourages new renewable energy projects

Danang encourages private enterprises to develop the renewable energy sector, including offshore projects as well as projects promoting high-tech agriculture.

Foreign investors increase acquisitions of renewable energy projects in Vietnam

Foreign investors from China, Thailand, and Singapore are increasingly acquiring renewable energy projects at strategic positions from domestic enterprises.

Legislative urgency for solar project development

In late January, the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) issued a draft decision guiding the selection of investors implementing solar power projects under the bidding mechanism.

High hopes for PDP8 reform of energy mix

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has submitted the National Power Development Plan 8 for approval within this government tenure.

Local consideration required in Vietnam’s energy advance

Solar power farms have been emerging across the nation, offering tremendous advantages for those who can utilise them on their farmland, as well as contributing to a more sustainable energy footprint that counteracts climate change.

New phase on horizon for solar power development

Vietnam, a rising star in Asia in solar power development, is to slash feed-in tariffs for rooftop solar installations this month, hoping to release some of the pressure on the national power grid that was exacerbated by the previous generous tariff that lasted until the end of December, as well as to prevent fraud for solar farming.

Swedish Green Residence – Powering forward a more sustainable Vietnam

In commemoration of the international Solar Appreciation Day, a solar panel system was formally inaugurated at the Swedish Residence in Hanoi.

Apt solutions sought for local solar power

The year 2021 will be characterised by an even bigger challenge for the authorities and developers to standardise the quality level of rooftop installations in terms of compliance to construction law, electrical standards, and fire safety, and to match grid availability and local consumption after the Vietnamese rooftop solar market skyrocketed last year.

Desire for long-term tactics in solar power

Although Vietnam began to develop solar power plants just about three years ago, the initially achieved capacities have been outstanding. However, the short terms of the government’s previous two incentive programmes have left many projects stagnating, leading to unused potential.

50MWp solar power plant inaugurated in Binh Dinh province

Privately-held Vietnam Viet Renewable Energy JSC held the inauguration ceremony of the 50MWp My Hiep Solar Power Plant on January 21, putting the plant into commercial operation.    

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