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Apt solutions sought for local solar power

The year 2021 will be characterised by an even bigger challenge for the authorities and developers to standardise the quality level of rooftop installations in terms of compliance to construction law, electrical standards, and fire safety, and to match grid availability and local consumption after the Vietnamese rooftop solar market skyrocketed last year.

Desire for long-term tactics in solar power

Although Vietnam began to develop solar power plants just about three years ago, the initially achieved capacities have been outstanding. However, the short terms of the government’s previous two incentive programmes have left many projects stagnating, leading to unused potential.

50MWp solar power plant inaugurated in Binh Dinh province

Privately-held Vietnam Viet Renewable Energy JSC held the inauguration ceremony of the 50MWp My Hiep Solar Power Plant on January 21, putting the plant into commercial operation.    

Booming solar power: signal for worry or delight?

Vietnam’s rooftop solar sector has broken a record for its installed capacity within one year, with the country adding roughly 9,000 megawatt peak before December 31 for the second-round feed-in tariff.

Solar power capacity to be cut due to oversupply

Nguyen Duc Ninh, Director of the National Power Regulation Centre, has said Vietnam will cut its renewable electricity capacity due to oversupply.

Prioritising a national renewables plan

With breakthrough provisions on national energy development, Vietnam’s National Energy Development Strategy towards 2030 and with a vision until 2045 will open up enormous opportunities for the private sector to participate in energy development.

$87 million solar power plant inaugurated in Khanh Hoa

Privately-held KN Van Ninh Solar Power Investment and Development Co., Ltd. has just launched KN Van Ninh Solar Power Plant project in Khanh Hoa province in Vietnam’s southcentral coast.

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