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Hoa Phat Group completes acquisition of Australia’s Roper Valley iron ore mine

Vietnamese steel maker Hoa Phat Group today announced that it has taken over the Roper Valley iron ore mine project in Australia.

Steel price ripple effect felt across domestic businesses

Global steel prices continue to be in sharp focus, with recent record-breaking highs pushing contractors to the wall as well as raising questions on whether steelmakers have been colluding to hike rates, which have shot up drastically since last year.

Export of iron and steel soaring sharply

With scarce iron ore supply and Beijing's moves to reduce emissions, the recovery in global steel demand have increased Vietnam's iron and steel exports.

Local steelmakers red hot on investment

Over recent months, the steel market has retained positive momentum after its recovery in mid-2020, helping many steel producers record a strong performance in the first quarter of 2021.

Steel reliance to be reduced in Ha Tinh

The central province of Ha Tinh is striving to change for the better with its first-ever master planning expected to be adopted this year, with focus to be laid on the development of steel, energy, service, tourism, and logistics as the key pillars

Vietnam’s export turnover of steel soars in 2020

Vietnam exported 9.86 million tonnes of steel worth $5.26 billion in 2020, up 47.9 per cent on-year but the average selling price dropped to $533 per tonne.

UKVFTA opens up opportunities for steel, mechanical firms

Vietnamese exporters in the steel and mechanic sectors expect to get easier access to the UK market following the signing of the UK-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (UKVFTA) last month.

Region’s states well-placed to offer steel alternatives

As tensions between Australia and China continue to simmer, and recent delayed customs clearances of coal imports from Australia are hurting China’s steel producers, profiting for other steel exporters from the situation.

Support recovery for the steel sector

Although the nation’s consumption of steel products decreased compared to last year, production and sales show signs of recovery among a few listed steelmakers, while others are trying to reach break-even point this year.

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