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Apple increases number of suppliers in Vietnam

The number of Apple suppliers in Vietnam has increased significantly since 2018, strengthening the country's role in its global supply chain.

A deeper supply crunch due to new wave of COVID-19?

The new wave of COVID-19 pandemic has taken a serious toll and posed major challenges on the whole economy, particularly the supply chain sector. Frederic Neumann, co-head of Asian Economics Research at HSBC, discussed about its impacts on supply chain in a global context and in Vietnam as well.     

Preparations for supply chain setbacks as virus strikes India

The serious pandemic developments in India are rocking global trade and investment worldwide.

India misery clouds supply chain fix

The eye-opening events in India are concerning people all over the globe as leaders lose control of the pandemic, leading to tragedy on a massive scale – and the knock-on effects to global supply chains and economic recovery are there for all to see.

Digitalisation aiding supply chain strength

More Vietnamese companies have signalled the need to embrace digitalisation of domestic supply chains in efforts to overcome the disruptions caused by the global health crisis.

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