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MIC introduces first online notarisation platform CCOL

More Vietnamese-made digital platforms, such as online notarisation, are now available, making business and people’s life more comfortable and efficient.

Vietnamese cloud computing market appeals suppliers

The cloud computing market appeals to both domestic and foreign suppliers despite difficulties each side has to face.

Fortinet products designed for the real world

Fortinet is committed to not only providing the security that businesses need today, but in anticipating the security needs of tomorrow.

Seagate IronWolf NAS drives arrive just in time for a data-led COVID-19 recovery

Seagate Technology announced an update to the IronWolf Pro NAS drive line, aimed at home and small office environments, with a new 18TB capacity HDD.

Phenikaa to host first convention on autonomous tech and smart transport in Vietnam

Phenikaa Group will put on the first international convention on autonomous technology and smart transportation in Vietnam.

More stimulus to allure capital into science and technology investment

New policy moves are expected to encourage more firms to embrace science and technology investment while also supporting firms through tax incentives.

Global models seep into tech scene

Enduring the hardest-ever period, international investors in Vietnam have been heading to technology-driven new business models during 2020 in a bid to weather the storm of COVID-19, expecting brighter prospects in the new year on the back of new motivations and plans.

ICT foes jostle for pole position in tech race

Bolstered by growing new interest and motivations, Vietnam’s tech market could see a new boom in the months to come, with the order of the playground expected to change among domestic and international players.

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