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Toshiba Carrier’s world-first inverter air conditioners honoured as IEEE milestone

The world's first inverter split air conditioners that Toshiba developed and mass-produced in 1980 and 1981 have been recognised as an IEEE Milestone.

Toshiba CEO resigns as buyout offer stirs turmoil

Toshiba's president Nobuaki Kurumatani has resigned, the firm announced Wednesday, as a buyout offer from a private equity fund reportedly stirs turmoil inside the Japanese company.

Long road ahead for buyout offer, Toshiba board chair warns

A British hedge fund's buyout offer for Toshiba faces a long road, including seeking regulatory approval and additional financing, the chairman of the Japanese firm's board warned Friday.

Show’s almost over for TV brands in popularity contest

Fierce competition in the market is seemingly destroying the prospects of well-known Japanese TV brands like Sharp and Toshiba, as their popularity plunges and availability in some showrooms becomes scarcer.

70 năm xây dựng – 10 năm sụp đổ của Toshiba: 3 sai lầm chí mạng biến đại gia công nghệ đầu ngành trở...

Dành đến 7 thập kỷ để vươn lên thành một trong những tên tuổi hàng đầu trong ngành công nghệ, nhưng chỉ với 3 sai lầm chí mạng, Toshiba giờ đây đã đánh mất tất cả.

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