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Vietnam Airlines presses on with ambitions for US route

After a tough year for aviation groups, Vietnam Airlines is pinning high hopes on the take-off of direct flights to the United States, with the two countries scaling up preparations to complete the process.

United States sets sights on Vietnamese investment

US capital inflows to Vietnam are expected to grow this year following the high hopes set on vaccination and upcoming direct flights between both countries.

Vietnam Airlines unveils coveted US flight proposals

Vietnam Airlines’ dream of a direct commercial flight to the United States is being quickened as a way to shelter from the financial trouble amid the pandemic, with repatriation flights being the pre-runner for future non-stop journeys across the Pacific Ocean.

Ripple effect of US fiscal stimulus to Vietnam’s growth

The passage of the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 aid package in the United States will significantly and directly benefit Vietnam’s GDP growth and exports, and may also indirectly help boost stock prices in Vietnam. 

Fresh dawn kindles for US-Vietnam relationship

With the new United States administration recently established, the US and Vietnam are expected to continue building bilateral trade and investment ties on the back of various motives including a possibility for the US to rejoin the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Keeping opportunities fresh in fruit and vegetable exports

The export of Vietnamese fruit and vegetables is worth hundreds of millions of US dollars each year but is so far impeded by the lack of appropriate preservation technology. As regional countries are also upping their game, Vietnam may see incentives for upgrading the lifetime of its produce when exporting to foreign markets like the United States.

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