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US recovery ripple effect for Vietnam

Along with many nations, the US economy is recovering, leading to a rise in the demand for goods imported from Vietnam amid the two economies witnessing their heyday in bilateral trade and investment ties on the back of various motives, including a huge recently-enacted fiscal scheme initiated by the US government.

Vietnam emerges as top alternative for global supply chain shift

The number of US-based companies seeing Vietnam as a top sourcing market has doubled over the past four years due to the global relocation trend from China.

Vietnam’s iron and steel exports go through the roof

Vietnam’s exports of iron and steel reached over $1.8 billion in the first quarter of 2021, with a strong increase that provides good signs for future progress.

Could Vietnam benefit from $1.9 trillion US fiscal stimulus package?

The $1.9 trillion US fiscal stimulus package would likely have positive effects on emerging markets, with Vietnam expecting benefits in exports and securities.

Hayward Quartz Technology develops $110 million semiconductor factory in Danang

Danang Hi-Tech Park Management Board has recently granted a license to Hayward Quartz Technology to develop a $110 million semiconductor factory.

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